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  • Complete all sections of our security protected form
    1. You must send a 90 second video for audition.
    2. Full name
    3. Email
    4. City & Country
    5. D.O.B
    6. Good quality photo
    7. A bio with you or your bands information on where you are at with your musical career.
    8. Links to your social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) please make sure you have these accounts this is for your benefit for promotion.

Your video should be a fresh recording of you singing. This can be Acapella or with instruments/band. Please ensure the quality and sound is clear. Try to be creative with your videos and be mindful of your background and surrounding.

Entry Closing date Thur 25th August

You will be required to send a song of you or your band singing



You will be notified Sat 27th August if you are successful to be invited to a live audition where possible in your country, otherwise you will be judged via livestream.

You will be judged on the following

  1. Vocabulary – Song Choice & Lyrical content (we do not accept any profanity, or derogatory content i.e ( bitch, nigger, drugs or marijuana lyrics)
  2. Vocals – range, flow,
  3. Visuals (the quality of your submission i.e. how you look, how you come across on camera & how creative your 1 minute video is)
  4. Vibe – How you come across, the emotion or feeling.


    • Please send the information in its entirety.
    • Make sure you have Instagram, Twitter & Facebook accounts, this is to support you and to increase your fanbase.
    • Please note that we are a reggae competition, hip-hop & soul is not reggae. We accept derivatives such as roots, lovers rock, ska, dub, rockers, dancehall etc.
    • We do not accept any slackness or derogatory lyrics that may be offensive to any particular man, woman or any particular groups.
    • Marijuana songs don’t go down well with our judges either You may need up to 5 original songs should you sail through to the finals (we will allow only one cover with a twist throughout the whole competition).
    • You can enter at any age, if you are under 16 you will need parental consent and a parent to submit on your behalf.
    • You must have access to a good internet connection should you get through to the live heats. The quality and sound of what you send must be of a good standard, we understand some countries may have limited access to the internet, we will take this into consideration throughout the process.