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International Reggae Competition

Supporting the conscious creators of reggae music to create a positive vibration throughout the world….

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We are looking to spread love around the world by unearthing talented conscious reggae artists across the globe to bring a positive vibration to the earth in these difficult times. Reggae music carries a vibration and we believe by uniting on this we can bring a positive energy on our lands.

Reggae music is loved by all right across the world, but is suppressed and there is very little support for the genre and up and coming artists, particularly if they are conscious. It is very difficult for them to cut through the noise and to be seen and heard and to get interest from the gate-keepers. 

We have been contacted over the years by artists all over the world wanting to enter our UK competition but finding the funds to fly and visas were a barrier. The lockdowns have had a devastating effect on the music industry so we have come up with the The World Loves Reggae – Spread Love Edition which will be online, so it is an open opportunity to reggae artists and musicians across the world.


We are offering free sessions that will teach you about intellectual property, Mechanical Copyright and Performance Royalties starting in February 2022. Please click on our link and on our service or events page to register.


We want to encourage under 16s to embrace the conscious reggae community and have the opportunity to be featured throughout the competition. For those of you that sing, we understand you may not have any direction with your music so we are allowing you to find a reggae song you can cover.  Please click on the under 16 logo on the home page for further information.

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Meet the judges





Apache Indian

Singer songwriter

Claire Angel

2016 Winner


2017 Winner


2018 Winner

Misa West

2019 Winner

Cecil Reuben

Promoter, Sound system owner

Ade Adefolalu

Vocal & Performance Coach

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