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First beginning to sing as a child, Kazayah developed an early understanding of music as a universal spiritual language that can unite, uplift, and inspire. Her work with Chicago producer Ras Wadadah II helped make the connection to roots-reggae that has blossomed ever since, now she is considered one of most promising female vocalists and songwriters in the whole reggae world.

Comparisons to Marcia Griffiths, Lauryn Hill & JAH 9 is definitely high praise, but its also quite clear why Kazayah would be receiving these kinds of accolades. Born from two Jamaican parents in Evanston Illinois (just outside of Chicago), Shanelle Mitchell “Kazayah” is a first generation American who fully has the energy of her Jamaican culture and heritage flowing through her veins. And her infectious music is the biggest testament to this.

Kazayah is busy working with D.O.V.E Muzik’s band as well as working hard in D.OV.E Muzik studio on projects of her own as well as collaborations with various artists. In the summer of 2014 she released a mixtape entitled, “Troddin: The DubTape” with 12 songs on the project, which was her debut project. She has since then been releasing music with various producers around the world extending her catalogue, including her current single “Thunder Clap”, which is a collaboration with German record company OneNess Records.

A powerful live force since her first local performance in 2013, Kazayah has performed on stages all around the Chicago-land area as well as across the globes with some truly memorable highlights like Jamaica, Belize, Mexico, California, Trinidad, and Canada. World-class artists she has performed with include Dre Island, Cali P, Micah Shemaiah, Mr. Williamz, Keida, Exile Di Brave, Suns of Dub, Pentateuch, The Uprising Roots Band, and Kelissa McDonald. While also opening for eye-opening names like Sizzla, Turbulence, Warrior King, Lady G and the “Queen of Reggae” Marcia Griffiths

Today, Kazayah is busy working with D.O.V.E Muzik’s band as well as working hard in D.OV.E Muzik studio, a vital part of the label’s family. Her mission is to touch as many hearts as possible and point them to a better tomorrow. Through her music, she wishes to show the people a positive way to live and to look at life no matter what circumstance they are facing, things that are more important today, than they have possibly ever been. Expect her music to continue to bring light, joy, and most of all peaceful vibrations as she blends R&B, Gospel, Roots-Reggae, Lovers Rock, and Dub, into something powerful and unique.